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10 social media trends for DTC brands in 2023

Here are the headlines... 1) TikTok won't be federally banned and will continue to grow in popularity outside of its current core Gen-Z base 2) 'social listening' becomes very important (i.e. the process of monitoring social media conversations to track mentions of your brand, products and competitors) 3) Social ads / personalization continue to evolve 4) AR and VR become more mainstream (AR allows users to overlay digital content on the real world / VR creates an immersive experience that transports users to another world 5) short form video becomes the default way to tell stories 6) micro-influencers are more important than macro-influencers 7) shoppable media gains momentum (i.e. any type of content that allows users to purchase products directly from the platform) 8) brands double down on social customer service to resolve most issues 9) gamified content delivers more ROI (quizzes, challenges and rewards) 10) marketers spend a lot more on social audio (i.e podcasts, live audio streams). See the infographic here.