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How US adults on Twitter use the site in the Musk era

Three facts about how adult Twitter users are now using the site

1) Musk himself has become a far more common subject of discussion on Twitter since acquiring the platform. When looking at adult Twitter users individually, roughly four-in-ten have mentioned Musk in a tweet since early 2022

2) As was the case before Musk’s takeover, tweeting activity continues to be highly concentrated among a relatively small share of the site’s users; a minority of adult Twitter users continue to produce the bulk of the content. Since Musk’s acquisition, 20% of US adults on the site have produced 98% of all tweets

3) The majority of highly active Twitter users continue to use the site following Musk’s takeover but are posting less frequently on average. Six-in-ten adults who have used Twitter in the past year say they have taken a break from the platform recently. And a quarter of these users say they are not likely to use Twitter a year from now.

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