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Just doing it: Nike's shift from wholesale to direct

Omnichannel shoppers are “at least twice” as valuable as purely online shoppers, according to Daniel Heaf, vice president of Nike Direct. And that’s coming from a retailer that has invested heavily in digital, both through its website and a variety of apps. "We’re really building some of our most unique experiences with elevated imagery, comments and UGC to ensure that it’s not just a transactional experience in the Nike app. It’s an emotive experience,” Heaf said. And lately, despite Nike’s DTC push, the brand has looked beyond its own doors to see how it can engage loyalty members at some of its key wholesale partners as well, including connecting their loyalty program with Dick's Sporting Goods, so that shoppers can link their rewards accounts at both retailers and receive joint benefits. “We don’t really mind where our consumers choose to engage or interact with us,” Heaf noted. Rather, the brand aims to give customers the fullest possible experience by bringing the Nike ecosystem to more of its wholesale partners. Get the full story here.