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Mad Rabbit's winning approach to last minute shoppers on Amazon

Amazon is an integral part of growing an online brand - most retailers see it as a 100% complementary channel to their DTC business (although some don't). Mad Rabbit, a tattoo care brand founded in 2019, has mastered the art of capturing last-minute shoppers on Amazon. The company sold via its website for the first couple of years then, in 2021, the team realized that the marketplace is geared towards impulse buys - which is especially important for the products it sells. So now, using sophisticated analytics, the company is successfully walking the tightrope of keeping people returning to its website, while also harnessing the amount of shoppers that rely on Amazon for daily purchases.

Their success serves as a valuable benchmark for other DTC brands, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decision-making and customer-centric strategies in maximizing sales on Amazon's platform. Read the full story here, and grab a ticket for GROW NY to hear more about how they did it (live and in-person!)