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Meta's AI ad targeting process improves ad performance

Following the iOS14 update (which have restricted how much insight digital platforms can use in ad targeting), Meta has been developing new AI-based ad targeting models to deliver more relevant ads to users without requiring the same level of personal usage insight. And this week, Meta provided an overview of its latest systematic update - ‘Meta Lattice’ is a new ad delivery process which uses multiple data points to better predict likely ad responses through AI and other predictive technology. Does it actually work? The early results are promising - the first ads delivered through Lattice were 10% more likely to be clicked on and 5% more likely to lead to a purchase. In simple terms, Lattice is basically an expanded database of all of Meta’s ad response activity, which, when cross-matched with all of the other information it has on each user, enables the system to better predict likely ad interest through more advanced mapping. That makes better use of all of the data that Meta can access to show people more relevant ads. Read the full story here.