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Parachute’s founder says stores are ‘integral’ to long-term success

On the heels of opening its New York City flagship store Wednesday, home brand Parachute is doubling down on brick-and-mortar. “We’ve more than doubled our footprint in the past year as we see Parachute stores as an integral part of the overall customer experience as well as the long-term success of the brand,” said Aerial Kaye, Parachute's founder. "Our stores are relationship builders and once again a gathering place for the community. Workshops and parties (are)... a fantastic way to meet our neighbors and build relationships organically with shoppers". Parachute will be hosting events at all of its stores across the country throughout the year, with some of the events specific to the store’s location and clientele. During events, the brand has seen store traffic increase by 40% and sales increase by 20% on average, according to Kaye. Read the full story here.